Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Day 1 of weighing food

Forgive the shorthand. but I am assuming you can decifer or will just skip. Was just counting carbs during the day but then tonight I felt like I ate a lot of meat today so I wanted to see how that added up.was around 165 grams. Damn I can not imagine 250 grams a day.

morning protien shake with cream and coffee with cream 5+1  +2   = 8 carb    20 + 2 = 22 prot

then egss with bacon and cheese no ketchup no cream no butter = 1 carb     18 + 7 = 25 prot

80 grams hamburger and 40 grams tomatoe  50 grams avacado +   bacon  = 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 4 carbs   25 + .5 +  2 +  6  = 33 prot

salad arugala + 80 grams tomato + 50 grams (half ) avacado = 1 +2 1 = 4    1 + 2   3 prot

protien shake with 200 grams almond milk = 5 + 2 = 7 carbs           20 prot

80 grams hamburger and 40 grams tomatoe  + cheese +  bacon  = 1 + 1 + 1 = 3 carbs         25 + .5 +  7  +  6     = 38 prot

Weights Of My Gym Clothes

I can be a little bit OCD sometimes so when I weigh myself with different clothes on. I just dont trust the measurement. So with the new kitchen scale I got, I decided to weigh the options of clothes I usually wear to the gym besides underwear. Which is how I weigh myself back at home in South America. However being the scale at my present gym is in the middle of the weight room I don't think that is appropriate.

235 grams is black shirt
301 grams is blue puma pants
509 grams white running shoes
653 grams green and blue hoodie
416 grams yellow puma pants

So basically what I usually wear 1045 grams or more or less 2.3 pounds. And then add a pound if I have on my hoodie. Cool now more lying and saying I have 7 pounds of clothes on.

BTW breakfast today of protien shake with some cream and coffee with some cream had 9 grams of carbs in total.

Monday, January 6, 2014

First use of my scale to measure carb content in food

So in the 4 hour chef there is a recipe for Bittman Chinese Chicken With Bok Choy. I am using olive oil right now instead of grape seed oil. However neither has carbs. But by doing this I know know that a serving now has 1 to 2 net carbs using the Tamari Soy sauce I have. For me this is totally approved considering when paired with chicken which has no carbs. Thankfully the girlfriend was in the bedroom when I was measuring away like a mad scientist. 

My Fitness Activities Historically / General Goals Going Forward

Here is my fitness activities background (or lack of):

  • Played basketball during 5th and 6th grade. Quit because I hated running. 
  • Played golf all during high school and was pretty good. Was supposed to walk on at a D1 program but got sick first month of University with mono :(
  • July 2009 - A friend and I decide we are going to become distance swimmers. He can barely swim but has been an endurance athlete in biking for years and just over a year later he swims the English Channel. I swim an open water 5k around a year later. 
  • During this swimming period my swim coach wants me to do some weight training and I do something similiar to this http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/timothyf.htm . First time in my life ever spent in a weight room. 
  • I do a little lifting and swimming again for like 3 months around July 2011. 
  • I move to South America at the end of 2011. 
  • Early part of 2012 I do some lifting for like 2 months similar to the program mentioned above. 
  • Around August 2013 I do a roids cycle and have been lifting since pretty continually except for a 6 week period around November when moved to Europe and didn't find a gym for a while. 

My fitness goals are to primarily be strong. Id like to be able to deadlift and squat over 500 lbs and an equivalent smaller amount in the bench. At best these are probably 3 years out.

Even though I would probably not like to eat what he had to get their I think the shot of Thor without a short in the Thor I movie would be super ideal but probably not willing to do what it takes to get there. 

I´d like to be able to keep up in most crossfit classes and I sorta now think of that as a good benchmark for aerobic / anaerobic fitness. I have a long way to go in this area. 

I probably will do another roids cycle when back in South America. Check out bigger stronger faster to understand why.

What Next For This Week in January

It is Jan 6 today and already get back into the keto diet today without to many problems. Last night was a bit of a Holiday drinking night here in Europe and mixed with a day of travel. Not being at home for all my meals (traveling) and nights of drinking I think are going to be two of my biggest problems with keeping up this diet. 

I decided to start this little blog because I saw tim ferriss´post about what lift was doing and decided I would do the no sugar diet as it was the closest think to a keto tracker as part of the study. As you can see on my lift I have used it before when I was lifting a bunch and not really trying to a keto diet.

So in addition to lift I wanted to do this blog to kinda think out and share what the hell I am doing and trying. 

I also got a food scale today because there are a few keto recipes I got that have some carbs but I want to be a weirdo and measure out exactly how much is in the food I prepare. 

Why Keto and Why Again?
I feel like shit when I eat most carbs. They basically make me desperately need a 2 hour nap. I have done tons of fasting glucose tests and am not diabetic but I feel that if I keep up the standards american diet I will eventually get there. This is unacceptable to me. 

Only other diet that kinda worked to loose weight and I felt good during with the Slow Carb Diet. The only problem is that I pretty much hate beans. Since I cook most of my food Keto is a whole lot easier for me than the Slow Carb diet anyways. Slow Carb seemed to want me to eat less fat and really cut back on the dairy where as most Keto theories let you go to town on dairy. For me Keto is the clear winner. 

When I first started keto I basically just ate spiced ground beef with some cheese on top and tomatoes. Also would do some protein powder in whole cream. But that was really like 98% of what I ate and I got bored of it after 6 weeks. This was back in September. Since then I have expanding more of what I can cook that is keto and have really gotten the variety down that I think I can stick to this. I will be posting some recipes at a later date. I think yourlighterside 
is a great place to start. Especially if you want a bread alternative. 

So  this week I am going to sign up for a calorie tracker just to more easily get a grasp on carbs for a few of my favorite meals. I don{t think I will use this long term but just want a central place where I can have carb info on my favorite meals. I will probably use http://www.myfitnesspal.com or http://fatsecret.com/ but have not decided yet which. I also bought a food scale today to really nail this stuff. 

Cheat Days 
I dont know what I am going to do about these. I want to limit them to once every 2 weeks but might be able to get around it considering I have some bread like alternatives now. 

Currently I excercise about 3 days a week. I am adding in more cardio not because I think it help in long term weight gain (see Peter´s blog at  eatingacademy.com for a smarter person than me to explain this idea) but because I want to be more physically / cardio fit besides just being able to lift heavy shit. I also think that this will help me burn some carbs consumed that day if I happen eat more than would normally let me stay in ketosis (see this article for more info).  

What is Next: 
  • Get my weight when I go to the gym tomorrow. 
  • Eat under 50 grams a day of carbs. 
  • Get in a few days of high intesity intervals on the bikes at the gym to get my cardio in a proper place (I will go into the how and why of how I think this works later)
  • Get in my two days of lifting this week.
  • Get some definitive numbers on carbs for some food items I cook so I better track my carb intake easily later (ie not using a food scale permanently but just for new foods).
  • Do some food sensitivity testing on cacao and the protien powder I have to see if there is a problem. 
  • Fill out lift daily. 

Lets Get This Started - First Post - General Overview

Post Summary: Where I am now, where I have been and where I think I will be going in my health and this blog.

I weight around 230 lbs and I am a 31 year old 6 foot 2 male. I also don't like to proofread so get ready to live with some spelling errors. 

I have a body fat percentage of around 32% and hold most of my excess fat around my waist. This causes me to look slightly pregnant, which is not good because I am a male and not pregnant. This is probably due to metabolic syndrome, however I have not gotten all the tests done to determine if this is the case. 

The one diet that has worked well for me in the past is a ketogenic diet. In summary, this means that I consume under 50 grams of carbohydrates per day with a preference of trying to keep to 30 per day. 

I would say main source of information on a ketogenic diet comes from Peter Attia´s Blog and the book The Ketogenic Diet by Lyle McDonald. 

I also like powerlifting although i am not that good. By this I mean exercising with the Squat, Bench, and Deadlift as my core excercises and my benchmarks for improvement. I am working on

My last maxes were 160 lbs x 5 reps for the deadlift and squat. My bench was 120lbs x 5 reps. Neither of those numbers count the weight of the bar so probably add 20 lbs into all of those.

In regards to where I get a lot of my info on how to train in this I would probably point you to Deadlift Dynamite by Andy Bolton which goes over all three and has a really good 1 year plan. 

I have in the last year taken some performance enhancing substances :) during my first lifting bulk up phase. I will be talking about that more in detail in another post.  More or less it was: Weeks 1-10 Testosterone 600mg per week and
Nolvadex (during and post) and HCG
(during and post)

Before you get your panties in a bunch, you need to understand that while I was born in the US, I live in South America most of the time and what drugs I used are completely legal and OTC their. So I did nothing illegal. 

I think steroids taken intelligently are all around good thing that at the end of the day will keep away injuries, increase muscle mass in the long term and can even lead to increases in natural testosterone in the long tern. If you want to know more about some of this I encourage you to watch Bigger Strong Faster which I think you can even watch for free at the link there. 

A little about me. I sorta move around the world but spend most of my time in South America. I speak so so Spanish and eventually will get off my ass and study enough to be conversationally fluent. I think Micheal Thomas and then linkwords have been the two best tools for me learning Spanish that I actually can continually use for more than 5 minutes without being bored. The language learning bonus for buying the 4 hour chef at app sumo is probably the best how to I have ever read on how to quickly learn a language if you want a process. 

I do internet marketing and some some recruiting to pay the bills. Working on starting some local brick and mortars in South America as the long term play. 

Next post will go over what the next steps will look like in the coming week.