Monday, January 6, 2014

What Next For This Week in January

It is Jan 6 today and already get back into the keto diet today without to many problems. Last night was a bit of a Holiday drinking night here in Europe and mixed with a day of travel. Not being at home for all my meals (traveling) and nights of drinking I think are going to be two of my biggest problems with keeping up this diet. 

I decided to start this little blog because I saw tim ferriss´post about what lift was doing and decided I would do the no sugar diet as it was the closest think to a keto tracker as part of the study. As you can see on my lift I have used it before when I was lifting a bunch and not really trying to a keto diet.

So in addition to lift I wanted to do this blog to kinda think out and share what the hell I am doing and trying. 

I also got a food scale today because there are a few keto recipes I got that have some carbs but I want to be a weirdo and measure out exactly how much is in the food I prepare. 

Why Keto and Why Again?
I feel like shit when I eat most carbs. They basically make me desperately need a 2 hour nap. I have done tons of fasting glucose tests and am not diabetic but I feel that if I keep up the standards american diet I will eventually get there. This is unacceptable to me. 

Only other diet that kinda worked to loose weight and I felt good during with the Slow Carb Diet. The only problem is that I pretty much hate beans. Since I cook most of my food Keto is a whole lot easier for me than the Slow Carb diet anyways. Slow Carb seemed to want me to eat less fat and really cut back on the dairy where as most Keto theories let you go to town on dairy. For me Keto is the clear winner. 

When I first started keto I basically just ate spiced ground beef with some cheese on top and tomatoes. Also would do some protein powder in whole cream. But that was really like 98% of what I ate and I got bored of it after 6 weeks. This was back in September. Since then I have expanding more of what I can cook that is keto and have really gotten the variety down that I think I can stick to this. I will be posting some recipes at a later date. I think yourlighterside 
is a great place to start. Especially if you want a bread alternative. 

So  this week I am going to sign up for a calorie tracker just to more easily get a grasp on carbs for a few of my favorite meals. I don{t think I will use this long term but just want a central place where I can have carb info on my favorite meals. I will probably use or but have not decided yet which. I also bought a food scale today to really nail this stuff. 

Cheat Days 
I dont know what I am going to do about these. I want to limit them to once every 2 weeks but might be able to get around it considering I have some bread like alternatives now. 

Currently I excercise about 3 days a week. I am adding in more cardio not because I think it help in long term weight gain (see Peter´s blog at for a smarter person than me to explain this idea) but because I want to be more physically / cardio fit besides just being able to lift heavy shit. I also think that this will help me burn some carbs consumed that day if I happen eat more than would normally let me stay in ketosis (see this article for more info).  

What is Next: 
  • Get my weight when I go to the gym tomorrow. 
  • Eat under 50 grams a day of carbs. 
  • Get in a few days of high intesity intervals on the bikes at the gym to get my cardio in a proper place (I will go into the how and why of how I think this works later)
  • Get in my two days of lifting this week.
  • Get some definitive numbers on carbs for some food items I cook so I better track my carb intake easily later (ie not using a food scale permanently but just for new foods).
  • Do some food sensitivity testing on cacao and the protien powder I have to see if there is a problem. 
  • Fill out lift daily. 

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