Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Weights Of My Gym Clothes

I can be a little bit OCD sometimes so when I weigh myself with different clothes on. I just dont trust the measurement. So with the new kitchen scale I got, I decided to weigh the options of clothes I usually wear to the gym besides underwear. Which is how I weigh myself back at home in South America. However being the scale at my present gym is in the middle of the weight room I don't think that is appropriate.

235 grams is black shirt
301 grams is blue puma pants
509 grams white running shoes
653 grams green and blue hoodie
416 grams yellow puma pants

So basically what I usually wear 1045 grams or more or less 2.3 pounds. And then add a pound if I have on my hoodie. Cool now more lying and saying I have 7 pounds of clothes on.

BTW breakfast today of protien shake with some cream and coffee with some cream had 9 grams of carbs in total.

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